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Infinity Cube Fidget - Tie Dye


Fidgeting with an Infinity Cube will improve your focus, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. It's the perfect office desk accessory, allowing you to fidget with one hand and work with the other. Take a break and fold it over and over again while you brainstorm ideas.

Infinity Cubes are for kids (6+) and adults. Relieve stress & nervous system while passing time.

Infinity Cubes are also great for fidgety Kids and Adults Great for focus and attention, relaxation, stress relief. Pocket-sized 4x4x4cm  (8x4x2cm (when expanded), small & lightweight. Easy and discreet to carry with you anywhere you go.

Endless entertainment and fidgeting for kids and adults. Great for long-distance travel, air-travel, waiting rooms, brainstorming, think-tanking and so much more.