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Scrunchie Wristlet Keychain Fob - Sweet Aussie Treat

Type: Bracelets

Sick of losing your keys, holding them and need an extra pair of hands? Well, there's finally a solution! These hand-crafted Scrunchie-Wristlet-Keychain-fobs are thoughtfully fabricated with YOU in mind.

Whilst they are a masterclass of ingenuity and provide comfortable security for your prized possessions, they also create great talking points and are a very fashionable, cosmetic piece.

This beauty can not only be used for your keys, they can also be used to attach on pram, purses, wallets, pencils cases, school bags, handbags and much much more...

Made exclusively by Fidget & Co.

Each wristlet measures approx. 16cm.

Available in assorted colours. All items are handmade, therefore there will be some variances between each item, size, shape and stretch.