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33cm Inflatable Yoga Sensory Stability Balance Disc | Wobble or Wiggle Cushion with Free pump

Color - Pink

Our Multifunction Non-Slip 33cm Inflatable Yoga Sensory Stability Balance Disc o sit Wobble Cushion can be used on the floor or on a chair. 

Standing on the disc is the perfect way to help increase your balance, reflexes, hand and eye coordination, core muscles and posture.

The ergonomic seating improves sitting posture, encourages adults and children to stop slouching to prevent neck, back and shoulder pain or discomfort. Place it on the back rest for the ultimate lumbar support. 

The unstable sensory-stimulating disc is beneficial for those with visual, vestibular and proprioceptive disorders. The textured top is the right distraction tool for adults/kids who can not sit still for a lengthy period of time and love to fidget.  Can be used at home, work, school classrooms, Gym Pilates and Yoga for that extra workout! They are light and portable, so you can basically take them anywhere!

Material: High Quality Soft and Pliable PVC 

Max. weight 125kg

Instructions: How to deflate cushion, simply unscrew or detach needle from pump, (needle is stored in pump handle) insert into inflation valve and gently push the air out. (Do not over squeeze the cushion to promote faster deflation)

"Caution when inflating and deflating the cushion, the needle of the pump may puncture cushion. All cushions have been inspected and tested for function, leaks, punctures and the likes. Do not over pump! Always moisten pump needle before use.