Collection: Scrunchies, Keychains & Hairbrushes

Our Fidget & Co. Scrunchies and Keychains are 100% hand made and Australian Made, right here at Fidget & Co. in Sydney, Australia. With so many exciting and fun designs to choose from which are continuously evolving and being updated, we'll have a Scrunchie and Keychain to suit everyone, always!

Fidget & Co. have their own exclusive detangling hairbrushes in 7 different colours to suit your style. Stop using harsh detangling sprays which may contain chemicals and brushes that just keep pulling, grabbing, stretching and damaging your hair.... Fidget & Co. detangling hairbrushes are made from Natural boar and Nylon bristles and pins to delicately stimulate the natural oils in your scalp to promote that healthy, luscious hair you always wanted. 

Suitable for all hair types | length | gender.